A cow in Willesden

Public psychotherapy for a veteran auditor

About the Author

Willesden is a part of North West London. Whether there are any cows there, I couldn’t say for sure. But when the Exiles are celebrating their GAA victories, you can be sure that there won’t be a cow milked in Willesden that evening.

The blog is an outlet for some ranting and ocassional raving, don’t take it too seriously. As you can probably guess, I’m an auditor, so the material I have to work with is not necessarily going to offer the highest entertainment value. I’m writing this more to be fun than to be accurate, so its not going to be all true, and there will be lots of made-up bits. Some of the people I talk about aren’t a single person, they’re people that I make up to represent some of the stuff that happens. Some of them I just made up out of thin air. Based on a true story, as they might say in Hollywood, but not true. Please don’t sue me.

The big words are mainly just to annoy the bloke that sits next to me at work.

One response to “About the Author

  1. ITauditSecurity June 3, 2018 at 9:16 am

    You’ve been gone a long time friend, but I still miss you. Cheers.

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