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Job roles which are exempt from audit scrutiny

The following positions are hereby designated as exempt from audit. If your position does not appear on this list, you are subject to audit attention. Please stop protesting and cooperate.

Exempt job roles correct as at 1st July 2011

  1. A&R men for record labels
  2. Airline pilots
  3. Professional athletes
  4. People whose sole occupation is organised crime
  5. Current reigning monarchs or other unelected (hereditary) heads of state
  6. Felons currently serving full-time incarceration sentences
  7. Shane Macgowan and Spider Stacy
  8. Members of cloistered religious communities, unless those communities provides goods or services to any other organisation or to the public
  9. People employed in a key risk role for a listed corporation*
  10. Unemployed people
    *Please note the deletion at line 9. This group is no longer exempt, as has previously been asserted or assumed.
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