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Auditor’s Death Sparks Debate

…Pan’s classmate and friend, surnamed Yu, said Pan had told her before she died that she had been working up to 18 hours a day and about 120 hours a week. One of Pan’s colleagues, a senior-level auditor at PwC, who asked not to be identified, told Shanghai Daily 100-hour work weeks were common in recent months as it was peak auditing season…
Did anyone else read this and wonder whether she got an Exceeds Expectations rating at her appraisal – at least that would be some consolation?
I personally think that 100 – 120 hours is excessive, and should probably not be encouraged. Would it be worth me doing up a graph demonstrating the counter-productive indicators of working your staff so hard that they contract fatal illnesses? I would think there must be a better way. Must consult my copy of Engels et al., see what they say about it.
(BTW thanks to the competition for putting me on to the article.)
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